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Kick off your boots and let the sand squeak with delight!

Wilsons Prom – Day 5
Date: Tue 4rd Nov 2014 (Melbourne Cup Day)
Weather: Mostly Sunny
Distance Covered: Who’s counting?
Where: Tidal River

Time to kick off the boots and enjoy the day around Tidal River. After a nice coffee at the general store (any coffee after 4-5 days is a good coffee!) we headed off for a leisurely walk to “Squeaky Beach”. This was by far the best day weather wise (although it may have been too warm for hiking in full gear!) We took the opportunity for plenty of photo’s on our final stroll before sadly heading off home after another enjoyable adventure.

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Love over Golden Beaches and the Telegraph Road

Wilsons Prom – Day 4
Date: Mon 3rd Nov 2014
Weather: Partly Cloudy
Distance Covered: 17km
Start: Roaring Meg
Finish: Tidal River

Today we would walk the Telegraph Road. Well actually, it’s called the Telegraph Track, but this track would put most Gippsland country roads to shame! (Well what we saw of it anyway!)

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White caps, granite boulders and the illusive remote lighthouse

Wilsons Prom – Day 3
Date: Sun 2nd Nov 2014
Weather: Mostly cloudy, possible showers
Distance Covered: 17km
Start: Little Waterloo Bay
Finish: Roaring Meg

Which way to the lighthouse? The only signage at our campsite pointed you either in the direction of the campsites, the toilets, or back to where we’d come from. Maybe we needed to walk the stretch of beach before joining the track? As it turns out, you follow the sign to the toilet and continue on passed them! Doh! That’s obvious!

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Wet weather gear to t-shirts and secluded coves to pretty bays all in a day.

Wilsons Prom – Day 2
Date: Sat 1st Nov 2014
Weather: Mostly cloudy, occasional showers
Distance Covered: 13.4km
Start: Sealers Cove
Finish: Little Waterloo Bay

Four seasons in a day? Absolutely! With a restless sleep due to the unnerving sound of gusting 90km winds high in the treetops that started from a gentle rustle and finished like the sound of a freight train approaching at high speed and repeated the cycle in an endless loop until replaced with constant rain until daylight.

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Guaranteed wet feet with a river crossing at high tide!

Wilsons Prom – Day 1
Date: 31 Oct 2014
Weather: Sunny with possible late showers and high winds
Distance Covered: 10.6km
Start: Telegraph Saddle Car Park
Finish: Sealers Cove

Checking in at the Wilsons Prom visitors centre for our 4 day hike, the lady serving us checked the tide chart for Sealers Cove, then checked her watch and declared that we would make it to Sealers Cove right on high tide! This would potentially mean a waist deep river crossing to reach our target campsite for the evening, something that we really hadn’t considered or prepared for.

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