Tour du Mont Blanc – Day 10

We awoke with some trepidation to the “mega” day that lay ahead of us, with a 1300m ascent and descent, this would be our biggest day on the TMB

Again the weather was kind, so an early start to hit the climb before the heat of the day. We were also saying goodbye to Switzerland and welcome back France at the top of the Col. The climb was reasonable and we both managed without too much fuss with a couple of breaks to keep us fresh. Once we reached the top of the Col we got to witness the notorious 90+ year old French woman who runs the Refugio at the top. She swoops in on inocent victims that sit themselves down on her chairs and tables before ordering their food.

From the Col, we gained views back across to Mont Blanc and the views for the rest of the day were arguably the best we have seen on this trip.

We still had another 300m to climb to reach the summit, our highest point for the day at 2500m. A great spot for lunch as we had 360 deg views that also included views across to a dam wall that was one of the many highlights on this years Tour de France. We then tackled the long long descent back into the Chamonix valley but always with spectacular views to keep us going! The day wasn’t as tough as we had anticipated.

Tomorrow will be our final day on the TMB!

Click here for More Photos!

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