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Tour du Mont Blanc – Day 4

After lights out (Jenny’s go out much earlier than mine). We were treated to a spectacular brilliant starry night. With no moon, the Milky Way was spectacular.

Today we got transported 5km up the road before we commenced our 800m ascent. The mountains are simply breathtaking and walking up in between them is such an experience one cannot describe, nor can photos give justice to the size and magnitude we witnessed on our walk today. So far Jenny and I would have to say that this has been our favorite day on the TMB due to the weather, mountain vistas and for a relatively easier walk compared to the day before.

Once we reached the top of the Col we could literally put a foot in both France and Italy. It became evident whilst descending on the Italian side that the French stuck to the Frence side of Mont Blanc and the Italians to theirs!

We arrived late afternoon in a relatively new Refugio in a remote location on route for TMB. Whilst modest, it is very pleasant and the food simple but very Italian and very tasty.

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4 Responses to “Tour du Mont Blanc – Day 4”

  1. Jeff and Sue

    Amazing photos and great effort, those legs must be crying out!

  2. mphug

    I see your cunning plan Stephano…. I know the photo of the bra hanging on the post rail was taken to entrap me into an unruly comment – to which I will not rise to the occasion!! It is entirely Jen’s prerogative to climb the trails ‘commando’ style as long as she is wearing a bell around her neck whilst she is walking!!!… besides I thought she would be more a sports bra girl rather than the utilitarian one shown – which is an ill fitting 34D whereas Jen is a 36 E!!


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