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Camino – Triacastela (Day 26)

Date: Sat 1st June
Distance: 21 km
Temperature: Warm
Mood: Loving it!
Left: O’Cebreiro 9:00am
Arrived: Triacastela 2:15pm
Santiago de Composela: 134 km
Highlight: Lush Green Fields

On top of the world? Awoke to a wonderful sunrise outside our windows with a soft blanket of white clouds below us and the tops of the mountains peaking though giving them the appearance of floating.

After discovering we had little cash due to our accommodation being cash only, we were down to our last Euro’s. We purchased water and breakfast and departed O’Cebreiro with 13c left between us, not knowing when we would see the next Telebanco!

We had expected a steep climb early in the day, but were pleasantly surprised with a gentle incline to the peak of the days walk. All downhill from here! Why is it when you have no money you feel hungrier and find more Cafes open than any other day?

We arrived at Tricastella by 2.15, cashed up (what a relief) and spent the rest of the day lunching in the sun (topping off lunch with a refreshing Sangria), socialising and visiting the local church – today we secured 4 stamps for our credentials!

Not many domestics to perform as we will save these for tomorrow! All in all, a lovely day made even better by the scenery, the splendid sunny weather and not being too exhausted to enjoy and experience the local sights.







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