Tour du Mont Blanc – Day 5

We started out earlier than usual due to the forecast of hot weather so we could complete the ascent before the heat of the day kicked in!

Our bodies have now acclimatised to the climbing and descending and the muscles whilst still sore have now gotten used to the abuse and don’t bother complaining anymore, so when told we will be ascending 800m, it’s no problem. Then told we will be descending over 1200m into Courmayeur, there is maybe a little grumble from the quads until the legs are told they get a rest day tomorrow!

Again, we just marvelled at the 360 deg mountain vistas. Once we reached the top of our climb we shared the track with day hikers that had caught the cable car up from Courmayor. We were offered 3 options for the descent. 1. A cable car from the summit. 2. A cable car from half way down the climb, or 3. Descend the entire way on foot. No brained… Option 3.

Other than needing a nice cold shower, we descended in good time. Our guide had anticipated an arrival time of around 4:00pm. Actual arrival time at the hotel in Courmayeur was 3:00pm.

We now have a rest day tomorrow to catch up on washing etc.. Forecast is for showers, better on a rest day than out on the trail!

Click here for More Photos!

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