Tour du Mont Blanc – Day 2

We had thunderstorms and rain throughout the night so we’re hoping for the weather to clear in the morning.

We are travelling with RAW Travel and have a group of 12. This includes our guide Dianne, plus a freelance trainee guide who needs to complete 5 tours before qualifying. Included in the remaining 10 is also Lisa who works for RAW and is experiencing first hand the tour in which she specialises and markets back in Australia. Our group of travelling companions are a mixed bag but everyone has jelled well as a group and have found a common pace at which to travel which has suited us just fine.

Again we caught a cable car out of the valley up 800m before commencing our walk. Whilst the weather wasn’t so kind, it was a nice contrast and much cooler (read cold!). We also copped rain for most of the day so ended up a little damp at the end of the day. Whilst we probably missed some spectacular views due to the low cloud cover it was still a great walk and everyone was in good spirits. Total ascent was around 700m with aporox 800m descent.

We are expecting better weather in the coming days… However internet services maybe non existent over the next couple of days, so have included a few extra photos to keep you all going!

Click here for More Photos!

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