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Milford Track (Day 4)

Our final day on the Milford Track. We awoke and readied ourselves for the last stretch with mixed emotions. Our legs were aching from the punishing climb and descent from yesterday. Our boots and wet weather gear were still sopping wet which we would simply have to grin and bear it and get down to business. The thought of a hot shower or bath at the other end gave us hope along with a decent nights sleep (we won’t be missing the huts experience). But the thought that this was our final day on the finest track in the world along with a decent group of like minded trampers was a little sad…

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Milford Track (Day 3)

40mm of rain recorded overnight with no sign of it stopping anytime soon, so a wet start guaranteed. Ideally we were hoping for a clear day to get great views from the top of the Mackinnon pass, but this is a rare occurrence as one of our fellow trampers is doing his forth tramp of the Milford and has only ever once experienced a clear view from the pass.

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Milford Track (Day 2)

I’m good to go off 8hrs of sleep (well typically even less). So hitting the sack at 9 the night before would have me jumping out with the early birds. Early birds? Where are the early birds? They are always there when you don’t need them, but in this case I’m lying awake and counting down the minutes (Well actually, I think my bladder was the one counting down the minutes). So by 7am my bladder gave up and got me up and out whilst my beloved Jenny was still blissfully sleeping!

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Milford Track (Day 1)

The Milford Track – “The finest walk in the world”

After gathering last minute supplies in Te Anau (The local supermarket was obviously cashing in on trampers with every conceivable concoction of nut mixes anyone could imagine! Took us 10 min choosing one and ended on selecting 2 for snacks along the track). We headed down to the DoC (Department of Conservation) to pick up our bus, ferry and hut tickets for the walk and discovered I had double booked the bus trip from Milford sound at the far end. Better than no booking. In any case they had no problems refunding the extra booking.

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