Tour du Mont Blanc – Day 3

We awoke with low level clouds hanging over the mountains, but there were early signs that it would clear and the weather forecast was looking promising!

With a big day ahead we had two group members graciously declined to tackle the challenge that lay before us, with the plan to recover and be fresh for the coming days. It was spelt out that there was no turning back and any rescue along the way would be very costly.

Great, well here goes it… with every leg muscle already complaining before we begun, we set out with a pleasant walk with little gradient, however, after a few kms in the ascent kicked in and it was steep and the terrain was tough! We had multiple rest breaks including lunch and lost count of the hours until we reached the top after climbing 1200m in elevation!!! It was a tough climb, we found our pace (snails) and had plenty left in the tank to tackle the descent. (Another 900m). Whilst the descent was still very technical, the sun had taken its toll and our sanity was brought into question as we descended at break neck speed all the way to the bottom where we celebrated with a nice cold drink.

As always, the scenery was spectacular and the weather was very kind. We trust that the photos do it some justice! We are proud of our achievement today and look forward to another spectacular day… I believe we are only climbing around 900m, so an easy day…?

Click here for More Photos!

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