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Camino Packing List


1. AARN Body Pack – Peak Aspiration 45Lt – (1600g)

2. AARN Balance Pockets (worn on front and attached to hip belt) – (500g)

3. Sea to Summit Micro II sleeping bag – (625g)

4. MacPack Duck Down Vest – Luxury item! But Europe experiencing a cold start to spring – (460g)

5. Pacer Poles 2 x Carbon Fibre Walking poles – (550g)

6. Osprey Travel Bag – For transporting our backpacks, but won’t see the Camino – (200g)

7. First Aid Kit – Assortment of potions – (450g)

8. 3 x MacPack Merino Underwear – (135g)

9. 3 x Icebreaker/MacPack Merino Hiking Socks – (190g)

10. Montane long pants – (295g)

11. Water Proof Pants – (195g)

12. 3 x Icebreaker T-Shirts – (460g)

13. NorthFace Polar Fleece Top – (300g)

14. Platypus water bladder 2Lt – (165g)

15. Montane Marathon Spray/wind jacket – (154g)

16. Speedo towel – (115g)

17. Bits and Bobs

18. Icebreaker Merino Long-Johns and Long Sleeve Top – (450g)

19. Toilet Bag – (300g)

20. Luna Sandals for Showers/General Wear – (212g)

21. Sea to Summit Compartment Bag – (60g)

22. Merrill Barefoot Shoes – Luxury! – (390g)

23. Montane waterproof Cap – (55g)

24. Icebreaker Merino Cap – (25g)

25. Scarpa Hiking Boots – (1250g)

26. John Brirely Guide Book (will scan and store on iPad mini)

27. Kathmandu NGX3 Waterproof Jacket – (433g)

Other items not shown

a) Apple iPad Mini – (315g)

b) Sony RX100 Digital Camera – (300g)

c) Apple iPhone5 – (127g)

d) Charges/Memory Cards/Cables/Headphones – (300g)

Bits and Bobs

a) 1 x Collapsible Cup

b) 1 x Collapsible Bowl/Plate

c) 2 x Sporks

d) 1 x Head Torch

e) Universal Sink Plug

f) Sleeping bag liner

g) Light weight Trowl

h) Whistle

i) Portable Clothesline

j) Day Pack – (110g)

k) Travel Documents, CC and Money

2 Responses to “Camino Packing List”

    • Stephen M

      Yes! It’s been absolutely liberating carrying less than 7kg on your back! Initially we kept thinking we had forgotten something important (maybe we will discover that later!). Funny also was that it wasn’t too hard to achieve once you set your mind to it. There is so much stuff you take that you never really use or think you will need. We even left stuff that we could have taken and still been under the 7kg. But we are assuming we won’t get temperatures below 10! I recommend trying it once, you won’t regret it!


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