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Larapinta Trail – Day 5

Date: Friday 18/07/2014
Weather: Partly Cloudy, 19C
Distance covered Approx. 13km
Start: Ormiston Gorge
Finish: Glen Helen Resort

We were slightly disappointed but relieved that we didn’t get any unwanted visitors in the night (well not that we knew about!). In fact we didn’t even get a peep out of an expected chorus of howling Dingo’s as reported by others that had stayed here on previous evenings.

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Larapinta Trail – Day 4

Date: Thursday 17/07/2014
Weather: Clear Blue Skies, 19C
Distance covered Approx. 13km
Start: Waterfall Gorge (Section 9 – Part 2)
Finish: Ormiston Gorge

Another crisp and sunny morning and with the added blessing of shedding over 2kg of weight from our packs! (due mainly from consuming over half of our water we had carried in the day before) We will be needing every advantage we can get as we’ll be facing some serious climbing soon into our walk today.

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Larapinta Trail – Day 3

Date: Wednesday 16/07/2014
Weather: Clear Blue Skies, 19C
Distance covered Approx. 13km
Start: Serpentine Chalet Dam (Section 9)
Finish: Waterfall Gorge


Section 9 of the Larapinta Trail is 26.8km long, so is typically tackled over 2 days. This simply means the necessity of carrying 2 days water supply with us as there is no guarantee of reliable water being available at Waterfall Gorge (Don’t let the name fool you!). Read more

Larapinta Trail – Day 2

Date: Tuesday 15/07/2014
Weather: Partly Cloudy and cool
Distance covered 13.4km
Start: Serpentine Gorge (Section 8)
Finish: Serpentine Chalet Dam

Nothing like waking to the sound of howling Dingo’s! Luckily it was just on day break so no worrying about Dingo’s making off with our supplies as we would soon be up and out!

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Larapinta Trail – Day 1

Date: Monday 14/07/2014
Weather: Overcast and cool
Distance covered 13.8km
Start: Ellery Creek (Section 7)
Finish: Serpentine Gorge

We were picked up by Trek Larapinta to transfer our small party to our starting point along the Larapinta trail. The rain was easing, so hopeful that it will have cleared by the time we arrive at Ellery Creek, half-way along the Larapinta trail and the start of our little adventure.

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