Larapinta Trail – Day 5

Date: Friday 18/07/2014
Weather: Partly Cloudy, 19C
Distance covered Approx. 13km
Start: Ormiston Gorge
Finish: Glen Helen Resort

We were slightly disappointed but relieved that we didn’t get any unwanted visitors in the night (well not that we knew about!). In fact we didn’t even get a peep out of an expected chorus of howling Dingo’s as reported by others that had stayed here on previous evenings.

Larapinta - Best off - 087

It was an early start to our final day on the Larapinta trail. We wanted to catch the sunrise in Ormiston Gorge before packing up and sneaking in a coffee before saying our farewells to our hiking party and making tracks. Our hiking party were planning on a well earned rest day today before heading west to complete the remaining Larapinta trail at Mt Sonder with another 3-4 days of hiking.

The early morning was very fresh and made colder by a strong breeze blowing down the gorge. We were a little too eager and beat the sun rise which kept us waiting in the cold! But well worth the wait!

Larapinta - Best off - 091Larapinta - Best off - 090Larapinta - Best off - 093Larapinta - Best off - 096Larapinta - Best off - 100

The morning was getting away from us so it was time to get moving! The walk was much more gentle than most days and the scenery was stunning, possibly because we knew it was coming to an end and we wanted to make the most of it. We made it to Finke River for a late lunch stop and were brought back to reality with the Glen Helen resort chopper going about it’s scenic flight buzzing directly overhead (The serenity!).

Larapinta - Best off - 115Larapinta - Best off - 120

This was now the part where you have this false sense of security thinking that our final destination was literally down the other end of the river. Our maps told us we needed to first cross the river (which consisted of mostly sand and plenty of gumtrees about 100m across) so being the bushman that I am, decided on following the foot tracks across, well they did take us on a scenic route down the river which didn’t at all line up with the trail. Hmm, surely we cannot be lost! After backtracking a fair distance, we finally saw the trail markers. Obvious if you were looking for them instead of following your feet! Before long we found the folk in the trail that pointed us out the final leg to the main highway and to Glen Helen Resort for our lift back to Alice Springs.

It was time to soak in the final vistas of the rugged beauty that the West MacDonnell Ranges offers and enjoy the last few kilometres with our packs now weighing in at a respectable sub 10kg before it was time to say goodbye! – Yes we are signing off on another adventure… Where to next?

Larapinta - Best off - 127Larapinta - Best off - 131Larapinta - Best off - 134Larapinta - Best off - 139 Larapinta - Best off - 140


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