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Three Capes Track – Day 4

Departed: Retakunna Huts, Three Capes Track
Destination: Fortescue Bay, Three Capes Track
Distance: 14km
Weather: 4 seasons in 1!
Mood: Mixed (Last day!)
Highlight: Cape Hauy and the Totem pole (or maybe the hot bath?)

Did I tell you about the story of the sinking of SS Nord at Munro Bight? Read more

Three Capes Track – Day 3

Departed:Munro Huts, Three Capes Track
Destination: Retakunna Huts, Three Capes Track
Distance: 17km
Weather: Perfecto!
Mood: Excited
Highlight: The Blade and Cape Pillar

A greatly anticipated day started with a glorious sunrise only marred by a thick band of cloud where the sun was supposed to break through on the horizon, even the poo pods looked good in the early light! Read more

Three Capes Track – Day 2

Departed: Surveyors Hut, Three Capes Track
Destination: Munro Hut, Three Capes Track
Distance: 11km
Weather: Cold Overcast and Damp
Mood: Happy
Highlight: Views from Arthurs Peak

I was spared a game of Trivial Pursuit after dinner in my own pursuit of starlight photography that seemed to be elusive (Due to lack of skills and occasional cloud) but still had time to marvel at the dark moonless skies with plenty of shooting stars to knock ones socks off! Read more

Three Capes Track – Day 1

Departed: Port Arthur (Tasmania)
Destination: Surveyors Hut
Distance: 5km
Weather: Fresh with plenty of sun
Mood: Excited
Highlight: Lots! Port Arthur | Scenic boat cruise | New fancy huts

After hearing rave reviews of a relatively new walk down in Tasmania, Jenny and I put it on the “to do list”. We also threw the idea out amongst friends to see if anyone wanted to join us for extra company. (Jenny is never satisfied with just my company!). Read more

Three Capes Track – Prologue

Destinations: MONA, Hobart, Mt Field National Park
Distance: Various
Mood: Relaxed and upbeat
Highlights: Many! (Jackman + McRoss, Russell Falls, Mona, Salamanca Pl to name a few)

We took the opportunity to spend a few days sightseeing in and around Hobart before heading down to Port Arthur for the anticipated walk. The Proe’s joined us for the prologue fun with the Morey’s joining us later for the walk. Read more

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