Three Capes Track – Day 2

Departed: Surveyors Hut, Three Capes Track
Destination: Munro Hut, Three Capes Track
Distance: 11km
Weather: Cold Overcast and Damp
Mood: Happy
Highlight: Views from Arthurs Peak

I was spared a game of Trivial Pursuit after dinner in my own pursuit of starlight photography that seemed to be elusive (Due to lack of skills and occasional cloud) but still had time to marvel at the dark moonless skies with plenty of shooting stars to knock ones socks off!

Dinner arrangements involve each couple taking a turn in hosting the evening meal. The Morey’s set the bar very high on the first night with a yummy lamb curry and vegetable stew that was washed down with red wine and complemented with crackers and dip for starters. That also takes care of at least 3kg of excess baggage that Brett doesn’t have to lug around! A nice bonus for getting in the first shared meal!

Most reported unusual night noises (mostly from within the bunk-room!) and disturbed sleep, but nothing to require the calling of a special meeting and everyone eager and in good spirits for another day on the track.

Unfortunately the weather as forecasted decided to put on some colder weather resulting in some extra layers and a wet weather outer shell.

Todays walk involved climbing Arthurs peak with great views and along the track there are a number of “Story Seats” where you can take a breather and read about the flora and fauna life in that particular location. The seats themselves are a piece of art having being designed expertly by local university design students.

The story seats are always entertaining as one of the group does the reading, sometimes with a lot of creativity.

Before we knew it, we were arriving at the next hut (Munro’s) in the early afternoon giving us plenty of “fluffing” time (as Brett likes to call it) to organise our bits and bobs. Jenny and I now had the opportunity of competing with the Morey’s for top honours in the cook-up competition with Jenny’s famous Spaghetti sauce!

We were all then falsely lulled into the Morey’s Trivial Pursuit game that ended in a blood bath with the Morey’s slaughtering the ignorant. (Note to self: Never play Trivial Pursuit with the Morey’s – EVER!)

Tomorrows forecast is for a perfect sunny day, just what we want for some spectacular scenery we are expecting on tomorrows itinerary.

Click here for more Photos!

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