Kick off your boots and let the sand squeak with delight!

Wilsons Prom – Day 5
Date: Tue 4rd Nov 2014 (Melbourne Cup Day)
Weather: Mostly Sunny
Distance Covered: Who’s counting?
Where: Tidal River

Time to kick off the boots and enjoy the day around Tidal River. After a nice coffee at the general store (any coffee after 4-5 days is a good coffee!) we headed off for a leisurely walk to “Squeaky Beach”. This was by far the best day weather wise (although it may have been too warm for hiking in full gear!) We took the opportunity for plenty of photo’s on our final stroll before sadly heading off home after another enjoyable adventure.

Oh, by the way. We spotted the once enthusiastic family returning from their overnight adventure. The look was priceless! Red faces from excursion and tired weary bodies, they all looked spent. I’m sure they’ll remember this little adventure for many years to come!

Well thats all folks! Until next time…


Click here for more photos!

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