Love over Golden Beaches and the Telegraph Road

Wilsons Prom – Day 4
Date: Mon 3rd Nov 2014
Weather: Partly Cloudy
Distance Covered: 17km
Start: Roaring Meg
Finish: Tidal River

Today we would walk the Telegraph Road. Well actually, it’s called the Telegraph Track, but this track would put most Gippsland country roads to shame! (Well what we saw of it anyway!)

Wilsons Prom Map - Day 4
Concerned we could be in for another long day we were motivated to make an early 9am start. Finally we weren’t the last to leave camp! We needed to arrive back at Tidal River and then catch the shuttle bus to pickup our car at the Telegraph Saddle Car Park before the last bus.
We took the option of the bush path for a couple of clicks until it joined the Telegraph track. The bush path tracked the original Telegraph line constructed back in the 1870’s but the paths condition indicated that most hikers were sticking to the main track.
We headed inland until we reached Telegraph Junction and took the turn-off that would take us back to the coast to Oberon Bay and then along the coast to Tidal River.
The weather was much more pleasant than previous days with lots of sun without it being too hot. The closer we got towards Tidal River, the more people we began to see on the track with some doing multi-day hikes to doing just a single overnight hike to Oberon Bay and others doing full or half day walks.
On the last stretch of coast to Tidal River we saw a very enthusiastic young family starting out on their overnight adventure! Whilst they didn’t look like the outdoor type, they all looked excited and were up for probably their first big overnight adventure. Hats Off!
We made it in good time to Tidal River. The place was full due to the long weekend and we setup camp in our designated area for overnight hikers and hit the general store for some well deserved treats.
You’d have thought we’d been lost in the bush for over a month the way we went crazy buying up chips, cans of drink and chocolate ice-creams! But they tasted great! The coffee would have to wait until tomorrow morning!
The rest of the afternoon/evening (after collecting the car) was spent exploring the boardwalks and enjoying watching the kids riding bikes and catching fish. Parks Victoria have done a great job in protecting and beautifying the area whilst making it enjoyable for most. It’s vastly different to when we were both here last probably 28+ years ago and then 40 years since we were here as kids! (Didn’t seem that long ago!)

Click here for more photos!

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