White caps, granite boulders and the illusive remote lighthouse

Wilsons Prom – Day 3
Date: Sun 2nd Nov 2014
Weather: Mostly cloudy, possible showers
Distance Covered: 17km
Start: Little Waterloo Bay
Finish: Roaring Meg

Which way to the lighthouse? The only signage at our campsite pointed you either in the direction of the campsites, the toilets, or back to where we’d come from. Maybe we needed to walk the stretch of beach before joining the track? As it turns out, you follow the sign to the toilet and continue on passed them! Doh! That’s obvious!

Wilsons Prom Map - Day 3

Whilst the tent was wet again from constant overnight rain, this time it was relatively dry when we packed it up and whilst it was 10am when we hit the trail, we weren’t the last ones to leave! Well maybe we were the last ones to leave for the day as some hikers were staying an extra night!
Today the walk was tough due to a number of steep climbs and descents into valleys and coves. Whilst we considered this walk the toughest thus far, we were rewarded with stunning ocean vistas and ever changing landscapes from fern gullies to dense forests and crushed granite tracks boarded by large granite boulders.
The lighthouse was a major attraction on our itinerary, but the darn thing first of all wasn’t at all visible from the coastline and finally when it was, we never seemed to be able to reach it! Finally, exhausted by chasing the illusive icon we were rewarded with the steepest driveway to climb before we reach our goal.
After a brief poke around at the outbuildings, cottages and lighthouse, we bunkered down out of the high winds in the visitors shed for a late lunch. Before pushing on, we replenishesd all our water supplies with fresh clean rain water on tap. No more creek water with an unpleasant aftertaste
We had another 5km to walk before arriving at Roaring Meg for the evening. This last section of the track was more rugged with great views back to the lighthouse and peppered with giant granite boulders. We had also planned a hike down to the most southern point of mainland Australia, which would be an additional 8+ km (2hr) return side walk, but this was quickly dismissed by our weary bodies and aching legs!
After setting up camp and eating dinner, we had time for a short warm down, pre bedtime walk before turning in for the night.

Click here for more photos!

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