Wet weather gear to t-shirts and secluded coves to pretty bays all in a day.

Wilsons Prom – Day 2
Date: Sat 1st Nov 2014
Weather: Mostly cloudy, occasional showers
Distance Covered: 13.4km
Start: Sealers Cove
Finish: Little Waterloo Bay

Four seasons in a day? Absolutely! With a restless sleep due to the unnerving sound of gusting 90km winds high in the treetops that started from a gentle rustle and finished like the sound of a freight train approaching at high speed and repeated the cycle in an endless loop until replaced with constant rain until daylight.

Wilsons Prom Map - Day 2

With the rain finally clearing, It was time to go through the morning rituals of breakfast and packing up. (Something we have yet to master). Leaving the tent until last to give it a chance to dry off before packing away didn’t pay off after getting caught out with first of the morning showers! No choice but to pack up wet! During all this, the campsite had completely cleared out of our fellow campers whilst we wrestled with a wet tent and backpacks.

Finding ourselves alone, a time check revealed that an 11am departure is really not acceptable. Fortunately for daylight savings we had no real time pressures to get to the next destination before dark. But it is much easier setting up and cooking in daylight where possible.
Today’s walk took advantage of the coastline and in particular, the spectacular unspoilt coves and pure white sandy bay’s that punctuated the undulating track that linked them all together.

One of these bays made a great lunchtime picnic stop. The sun was out and we were stripped down to our t-shirts, well that was until the next shower came through and had us donning our wet weather gear before we headed for the track for some shelter!

Tonight’s campsite was larger to cater for more campers as it can be reached by a number of different tracks. We didn’t have much of a choice arriving so late and the campsite was quite full with a number of groups out hiking on the long weekend.

Dinner preparations were interrupted with a passing shower or 2. Not much point sitting outside in the rain, so we headed indoors for an early night just as a sprinkle of hail fell from the sky!

Click to visit More Photo's!

Click to visit More Photo’s!

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