Lausanne, Switzerland

Our fairytale was over… We said a sad farewell to Mont Blanc as we saw our final sunrise from our hotel room in Chamonix. We also said a final farewell to our trusty old Merrell’s who have now seen better days!

We couldn’t have chosen a better resting place for them (more to the point, we didn’t want to cart them all the way home only to ditch them!)

Today we road the rails on the Mont-Blanc express, with a couple of changes along the way we finally made it to Lausanne in Switzerland. Lausanne is also on Lake Geneva, but down the other end to Geneva.

The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring Lausanne, it’s Cathedral (build between 1150 and 1270), old town and the lakeside area of Ouchy. Our hotel had given us free transport passes, so we made the most of these in using the Metro to get to the lake as Lausanne is built on the side of a hill as the land slopes down towards the lake. (Not that we aren’t fit or anything, just cos we don’t feel like walking hills anytime soon!)

Just a quick thank you to all that have been following our journey. We’ve had a blast and have thoroughly enjoyed every monent. Thanks to those that have left your comments and encouragement, we really appreciate it. Only another couple of days before we’ll be sitting on a plane heading for home!

Click here for More Photos!

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