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L’Aiguille du midi

We had missed our opportunity on the first day in Chamonix to ride the cable car L’Aiguille du midi up to 3800m due to the huge queues that quickly blew out to 3+ hours during that day.

We then planned to reach the top from the Italian side on our rest day in Courmayor, but the weather was clouded in, so not much choice than to abort. So we bumped Geneva for another day in Chamonix (how could we resist – so jelleous of Ann and Dan for having this at their doorstep during their Italian posting!). We were pushing our luck for a third attempt on a French public holiday and during a Chamonix festival weekend!

After setting the alarm for 5:30, stumbling out of bed and walking through Chamonix in the dark, we were soon boarding the cable car and on our way to 3800m! And we had clear skies!

It was an amazing experience and one not to be missed. After reaching the top, we then caught another cable car across Mont Blanc into Italy, where we had Italian coffee and crossiants for breakfast before returning back to France and then finally back down to Chamonix.

The views where impressive, and watching others below snow walking and climbing Mont Blanc was inspirational. If only we were 30 years younger! It was a magical day!

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3 Responses to “L’Aiguille du midi”

  1. Lindsay & Carolyn O'Brien

    Glad to see the ice cream! 30 years younger! i think you both could do anything you set your minds to and your bodies would just follow. It has just taken 30 years to realise you can do it. Anyway walking Surrey hills to Upwey may not be the same as France to Italy but once you climb that last hill we can have crossaints and coffee for much cheaper. Maybe we can order some fake snow just for atmosphere.

  2. mphug

    Spectacular finish to the trip Stephano and Jen….. I’m referring to the macaroons and ice creams you little chubby chops!!!… the mountain views were quite pleasant too!!!
    Bit of heavy breathing at 3842 M??!!……. there was probably a lot more of that 30 years ago too!!!.. without a mountain in sight even!!!

  3. Anne McTaggart

    Just fantastic!!! Glad to see you’ve had an amazing trip. Photos all amazing too. Brings back so many memories. Thanks for sharing. We loved visiting Chamonix, one of our favourite towns.

    What’s next???


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