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Coast and Castles – Day 1

Departed: Newcastle
Destination: Newbiggin-By-The-Sea
Distance: 50km
Weather: 4 Seasons in 1
Mood: Happy
Highlight: Summer at the Beach!

Up and out early to catch the 8am train to Newcastle. It was a sunny morning with blue skies. A shame we didn’t have the same yesterday when sightseeing in York.

Our mechanical donkeys were waiting with their handler for collection just outside the station. We had to transfer all our personal luggage from our backpacks to the panniers out on the street for all to see. Luckily it wasn’t raining, but was a lot of mucking around!

Now we just had to find our way down to the riverside bike path as one member of our party refused to mount her donkey and ride it on city roads. We were finally away and had no problems riding the bike paths along the River Tyne.

We arrived at our first Castle as we hit the coast. As I tied up the Donkey and headed for the Castle entrance, my riding companion questioned my intention. I’m not sure she had yet put two and two together… We are riding the Coast & Castle route, what do you expect we’d be visiting along the way?

Unfortunately the last part of the ride wasn’t as much fun due to the challenges of navigating and lack of good signage. Just as well Mr McGoo wasn’t tackling this stretch as I’m sure he would have ended up back in Newcastle as we nearly did!

But after persevering and sharing a stretch of narrow road with heavy truck traffic coming off the highway we finally found our way back to the coast and moments later literally tripped over our accommodation for the evening. Beach frontage with us bagging the best room in the house with a bay window overlooking the ocean and a four poster bed. It’s going to be a hard sell to get Jenny back on the donkey and leaving this lovely room for more Castles!

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One Response to “Coast and Castles – Day 1”

  1. mphug

    Is that Repunzel sitting by the bed, braiding her tresses, awaiting the arrival of her Prince??!! I hope he is better than the last one…… decidedly un Princely!!


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