Glaisdale – Coast to Coast (Day 13)

We awoke to another sunny day! We had ordered breakfast at 7:30 for an early start to a long day. Jenny had decided against a cooked English breakfast (I think the novelty has finally worn off) and had opted for a cheese platter with toast and homemade jams. What we didn’t know was how passionate our host was about local cheeses, so we got the full run down on each piece of cheese, the story behind it and the type of flavour. Once we were educated on the cheeses, we then got the run down on her homemade jams and which cheese works best with what jam. Some of the jams included, Strawberry and Black Pepper (The black pepper enhances the strawberry flavour) and Rhubarb and Ginger jam. (Dad, you’d have gone to heaven and back… )

Most of the cheeses were Wensleydale varieties with a few other local cheeses thrown into the mix. There was also a cheese that had the flavour of a fruit cake. We also learned that despite most people thinking that England only produces a few cheeses, they in fact produce over 700 unique cheeses! I think that was a direct dig at the French, but she also acknowledged that the French were the ones to introduce blank pepper to enhance the strawberry flavour in jams!

Well our early start went out the door and it wasn’t until 9:30 when we finally got underway.

Today we were covering 30kms along the North Yorkshire Moors. The moors create a unique and interesting landscape, but one that is mostly dull to look at on the surface. (Challenging photographic material!) However we were treated with sightings of the bird life and their chicks which made me feel a little guilty for ordering and consuming the game pie special from last night’s evening meal (which included wooded pigeon, pheasant and venison).

It was an easy walk with very little climbing and mostly good tracks to walk on. We had one stop to break the day at The Lion Inn which coincided with lunch. The remainder of the day was mostly down hill on roads or 4WD tracks with some entertainment provided by a low flying fighter jet doing his training run.

Our destination finally came, in the form of another Inn, luckily not far to travel for the evening meal and hopefully an early night!

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