Littlebeck – Coast to Coast (Day 14)

What do you do when you only have to walk 12kms and your destination is a farm house in the middle of nowhere?

Catch a steam train of course! About 6 kms into our walk we came to the quaint town of Grosmont famous for its steam trains.

Arriving at 11:20am we soon discover that the next train out to Pickering featuring a popular 1930’s sleek steam locomotive is departing at 11:30. We made it in time not having a clue where we were really going or what we would see.

Before arriving at Pickering we quizzed the train conductor on what we should do/see. “Oh, there’s not much to see in Pickering as it’s not market day”. We learnt that most people travel to Goathland famous for its train station featured in the first Harry Potter movie but also for the location of the popular TV series “Heart Beat”. So rather than wasting time at Pickering we stayed on the train for the return journey trying to decide if we had time to get off at Goathland.

By this point we were now chummy with our conductor friend who is a retired Constable who covered the same area as “Heart Beat” and now volunteers a day a week working as a conductor on the North York Moors Railways. He suggested staying on and going all the way to the sea side town of Whitby and spend a good hour sightseeing with a visit to the Whitby Abbey. No problem that our ticket didn’t even cover the extra return trip! Sounded like a plan!

What a day! We thoroughly enjoyed Whitby and its Abbey and were spoilt by our conductor friend who took care of our backpacks and upgraded us to a first class compartment for the return trip to Whitby from Grosmont (which we hadn’t paid for!)

We now had to complete the final 6km slog to our accommodation at a farm house just outside of Littlebeck. This would be our last scheduled sleep in the tent with forecast heavy rain overnight! We were saved the wet tent by our lovely host who offered us the storage attic.

It was curtains for us after a lovely home cooked 3 course meal!

Click here for More Photos!


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