Ingleby Cross – Coast to Coast (Day 11)

Our night in the tent went well and we were joined some time during the evening by another walker/camper who had hiked all the way from Reeth! The morning was fresh & clear, breakfast cheerful, tent dried off (from condensation), packed away & we were off by 10. The walk today was only 14kms of easy walking through barley and wheat fields and before long, we had arrived at our B&B by 2pm, dumped our packs, changed shoes and set off to explore the very quaint village of Ingleby Cross. The gardens are manicured and the houses gorgeous (a clear sign that a lot of retirees live here).

Dinner tonight was at the Blue Bell Inn, a somewhat humorous evening that could have been mistaken for an episode of Faulty Towers. Our B&B hosts had warned us to have very low expectations and that the service could be slow. We were greeted by an enthusiastic publican wearing a 3 piece suite and with the Inn/pub full was run off his feet trying desperately to serve and please everyone. He buzzed around like a blue arse fly and would disappear into the kitchen and then reappear out the door marked “Toilet” with meals in hand for people. There must have only been a single cook “Manuel” with an arm tied behind his back as we had to wait 40 minutes for our meals and I’m sure they where all pre cooked and simply microwaved! Not our best food in England so far! But worth it for the entertainment value!

Enjoying the accommodation and an early night!

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