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Danby Wiske – Coast to Coast (Day 10)

The English really know a thing or 2 about hospitality! We cannot fault the service we have received since arriving in the UK and last night was no exception. Whilst the buildings we have stayed in are very old and a little wonky, they are beautifully decorated and very comfortable.

A 10am start after completing a few errands. Cash out of the wall and a new USB cable as haven’t been able to charge the camera properly due to a faulty cable.

We started off with a fresh overcast morning and by the afternoon the sun made an appearance or two. The walk today was relatively easy with the scenery consisting mainly of farming, both crops and livestock with a distance of 22km to cover.

Along the way we came across a couple walking the Coast to Coast with their 2 dogs, as we commenced to cross an open meadow with lots of cattle all laying about, the couple with their dogs took the longer option and b-lined straight along the fence to the road. I thought this a sensible option as the cattle and dogs might not get along. However as we approached, the path went right through the middle of all the cows and as we got closer, only one cow was wary enough and rose to his feet ready to greet us. Hmmm, one cow? Strange that all the other cows seemed so relaxed when we were so close to them? Hmmm, how come the cow that is standing has horns and a very big under carriage? By this stage our path was committed and without making eye contact we passed the bull and his harem within a few feet and kept walking with my heart in my mouth until we were safely across the other side. As we intersected with the couple and their dogs, they marvelled at how brave we were!!! More like how stupid!

The last half of the walk was along country roads so kept us safe from livestock, but had to be on guard for speeding cars on the narrow country roads.

Tonight we were scheduled for another night in the tent and soon after arriving found there was a room available in a B&B down the road, but as the skies where clear and the fact I’ve been lugging a tent on my back , we’ve opted for another night in the tent!

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2 Responses to “Danby Wiske – Coast to Coast (Day 10)”

  1. mphug

    Good to see your accommodation has been so well matched for you – very old and a little wonky!! Congrats to Danby Wiske for their inaugural running of the bulls – they should have statues made of you both for the occasion – naturally they will be very old and a little wonky!!

  2. heavenhappens

    That’s good to know ~ that people are welcoming in Uk. You are brave to be camping as it is still quite chilly at night!


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