St Bees – Day 7

Today was a travel day. We drove the hire car from Chipping Norton to Carlisle at the very top of England where we ditched the car and caught the last train out from Carlisle to St Bees. We hadn’t realised that the last train departed at 5:30pm and were lucky we didn’t do any serious sight seeing along the way or we would have been in a royal pickle!

Judy our AirBnB host for last night was very hospitable and we enjoyed chatting to her about life in England and Chipping Norton and all the hobbies and community activities she is involved in, which also includes being a Magistrate in the local district. A very personable and compassionate person.

The weather today was wet and cool. The drive along the country roads wound through little villages & cottages with thatched roofs – a true English delight, although it was very wet. Once we joined the main motorway the traffic was extremely heavy and negotiating around the larger cities proved to be a nightmare. The total journey north took us in excess of 6 hours with only 2 wee stops.

As we drove through the Lakes District we were given a taste of the beauty to come together with dark rain filled clouds!

The train ride from Carlisle to St Bees was enjoyable with vistas of the Irish Sea and glimpses of the Scottish mountains across the water along with a friendly chat to a local Lakes District couple returning from a few days backpacking on some of Scotland’s isles.

We soon arrived at St Bees and didn’t have far to walk as we were staying in the converted Station Masters house, now a quaint restaurant and B&B. We enjoyed an evening meal in their restaurant and have found ourselves the only guests booked in the B&B for the evening.




For more Photos. – Click here

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