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Rome – Day 2

Date: Tue 25th June
Temperature: warm/hot
Mood: relaxed
Highlight: Vatican City

To give ourselves a chance with our itinerary for the day, we set the alarm for 6:30am so we could be up and off at a reasonable hour. We were meeting Caitlin outside the Vatican Museum at 1:30pm and had learnt from yesterday that we needed to find lunch before our tour or face no food for 12 hours!

Probably due to being slightly more familiar with the streets and layout of Rome (who are we kidding!). We really had no major problems following our directions and finding points of interest along the way. We also retraced some old ground from the day before so as to spend more time at the Pantheon and the Piazza Navona which we enjoyed seeing without the added stress of being lost!

We made our way across to the Vatican and were stunned at the number of large tour groups and people jamming the streets surrounding the Vatican. Luckily, our guide Caitlin had prearranged a meeting place nearby and we gracefully glided past all the crowds under her expect guidance. Before long we were walking the Museums getting the highlights of particular items and a very good background on Michelangelo and his works to really set the scene for later when we visited the Sistine Chapel.

We really got a lot out of the works by Raphael and Michelangelo and finally we ended the tour visiting St Peters and were impressed by the way Bernini had architected the building so as not to be as imposing as its size really is.

We left the Vatican and headed for home with a quick pitstop for our first Gelato in 2 days! Definitely having withdrawal symptoms! Another late night dinner at a local Italian restaurant where we ordered a selection of yummy pasta dishes. We intended returning to the Trevi Fountain for some night photo’s, but too tired. That will have to wait until tomorrow night!










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3 Responses to “Rome – Day 2”

  1. The Whites from Glen iris

    More stunning photos that we are absolutely loving. You guys have real eye for detail. We will be interested in get some tips for our trip at the end of the year (apart from the fact that we will be there in the depths of winter which is not ideal but circumstances preclude us travelling at any other time). Enjoy the rest of the trip.

  2. Jethro

    Hi Stephano and Jenny, good to see your great shots of Rome. Your gypsie friends wish you a safe return home. It was good of you to catch up with us in Tuscany and to feed us.

    Will see you in Melbourne for the mother of all slide nights!!! A few thousand pictures each!

    Your gypsie friends
    Fabiano and Susanna


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