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Rome – Day 1

Date: Mon 24th June
Temperature: Pleasantly warm
Mood: Happy
Highlight: Coliseum & Forum

We enjoyed a lovely breakfast provided by the Hotel (we’d forgotten it was included, but very welcome as saved us having to spend time hunting down our own!).

As the Spanish steps were nearby, we decided to check them out straight after breakfast and then return to the Hotel to prepare for another big day of sightseeing.

We had an itinerary in hand provided by Travel by Design and a map, but with limited time as we had a pre-booked guide to take us through the Forum and Coliseum. Unfortunately neither of us can claim we have excellent navigational skills and sense of direction. Compounded by the poor map in hand and the complex layout of roads and long street names and Piazza’s, we spent the morning wandering around Rome trying to follow our Itinerary but failing dismally. It made Venice a walk in the Park in comparison!

We were relieved to actually make it on time to meet our guide Caitlin at Campidoglio and that was after asking for directions on more than one occasion!

What a pleasure to have our own private guide. We were completely absorbed in hearing the Ancient Roman history as we walked through the Forum and then enthralled by the stories around the Roman people’s Coliseum, literally transporting us back in time as we could visualise this great space in full action. Jenny as a Vestal Virgin watching on and Stephen as a Gladiator?

Back to reality! We’d missed lunch due to our sloppy navigating earlier in the day and we headed back in the direction of the Hotel with a little sightseeing on the way. As has been typical, we finally ended up eating at around 9:00pm (Still early by Italian standards) and finally crashed at 11:00pm. Well one us did. We will have to get up earlier if we think we can attempt to give justice to our itinerary which will also include another tour with Caitlin, this time to the Vatican.

(P.S Caitlin sends her regards to the people at Travel by Design!)












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6 Responses to “Rome – Day 1”

  1. Julie

    Hi Jenny, I’m just wondering which ‘Travel by Design’ you are using. I have found two companies by that name, one in the US and one in Australia.
    We are walking the Portuguese Camino in Sept/13 and the spending a few months in France and Italy so thought I would contact them as they seem to organize a more personal tour.
    Loving following your journey.

  2. Helen

    Fabulouser and fabulouser! Did Caitlin tell you the story about the elephant?

    How are the feet going? How many pairs of shoes have you gone through?

    Love from Helen.

    • jvmathieson

      Hi Helen,

      Whilst we have seen the elephant on our own sightseeing, we haven’t heard the story from Caitlin, so will ask today when we see her later.

      Our feet are holding up nicely, but that should come as no surprise after walking on them for over 500km across Spain. No footwear broken or worn out yet, but having said that, Rome has been by far the most challenging of city walking due to the rugged pavements and cobblestones, but this just adds to its own raw beauty.

      Whilst Jenny has a pair of Keen Sandals that have been appropriate footwear. I have the minimalist Luna sandals that I’ve worn but will be wearing my Merrill barefoot’s today, as the Luna’s whilst have had no problems aren’t the most suitable under the conditions here in Rome.



  3. Mark Hughes

    Whats going on with that fella on a pole trick… that like “budgie on a stick?!! That following picture of Steve on a pedestal is just him hey – “Friends Romans Countryman send me your beers!!
    I like the two wives you have in tow at this point too…. much better arrangment!! When one spits the dummy you’ve always got the other as a back up!!


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