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Lyon is the second largest city in France to Paris with a population of around 2mil. There are more work opportunities in this city and people are generally more happier. So it is no surprise that it is a growing prosperous city!

Today we had planned a number of activities that included a couple of museums and other sights we had yet to see. As it turned out, Monday is a day off for most museums and so after making the journey all the way down to Lyon Confluence (Lyon’s newest city development equivalent to Melbourne’s docklands) to visit the Musée Conflences we discovered our error. This also canned Musée Lumière. We did make it to Musée des Beaux Arts, but one of the draw cards was some works from Picaso that were apparently on holiday! We still covered over 20km on foot (slightly less than our first day) with plenty of sightseeing and river cruising including revisiting some of our favourite sights finishing off the day relaxing in the grounds of Parc de la Tête d’Or before calling it a day…

Some of our observations during our visit…

  • The French still smoke (although maybe slightly down from last visit)
  • The French are in general not overweight, mostly slender in build.
  • The French women are in general more attractive
  • The French women smell delicious. Well maybe the French perfume they are wearing does?
  • The French have gone mad on Pokémon Go! Just like the rest of the world. Although we still are clueless what all the fuss is about!

Off to Annecy, then Chamonix tomorrow. Goodby Lyon. We will miss you.


Click here for more photos

3 Responses to “Lyon”

  1. Anne McTaggart

    Loved the photos
    Forgot about all the flower boxes!
    Hope you get to check out Annecy. Very pretty pretty town. xx

  2. mphug

    Your observations require some clarification please:-
    .”French women are more attractive” – than what? … Your wife?… the women of Surrey Hills?
    .”French women smell delicious” – did you eat / are are you planning to eat any of them?. Compared to what?….. camembert cheese in a baguette…. or perhaps a truffle?
    Your comments are however consistent with Napoleon’s position – “Josephine I’m coming home tonight…… don’t wash”!!! But recall the reality was “Not tonight Josephine!!”

    • Stephen M

      For clarification… I was only referring to the younger ones. I must have been missing my daughters!
      Hadn’t considered eating any of them when there are so many yummy food treats to distract me.
      Not sure what you mean with your last statement? I like to eat off clean dishes and I’d never knock back a dish on offer!


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