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Edinburgh – Day 1

Where: Edinburgh
Distance: Zero
Weather: Overcast/Cold
Mood: Relaxed
Highlight: Holyrood Palace

Finally a slow start without the feeling of needing to get from A to B by a certain time! A leisurely breakfast over planning for today’s sightseeing with our host Chee and we finally got going around 10am.

Luckily Edinburgh is not a big place and our accommodation is within spitting distance to most of the popular attractions in the old town so off to our last Castle for this trip, Edinburgh Castle after which we walked the length of the Golden Mile to Holyrood Palace. This is the Queens residence when she visits Scotland, in fact we were lucky to scrape in a visit as this was the last opening day for the next few weeks as both Prince Charles and the Queen where about to visit! Just not whilst we were in town.

We actually enjoyed the Palace more so than the Castle, but we might have been suffering from Castle fatigue by this point in our trip!

We enjoyed exploring the town and a number of landmarks before finishing off the day with an easy diner of Pizza before dropping in on the Elephant Cafe for coffee and cake made famous for where J.K. Rowling got her inspiration for the famous Harry Potter series. Looking out the windows, it wasn’t hard to see why, with the Castle looming high above its rocky outcrop you can easily imagine Harry zooming around it on his Nimbus 2000 broomstick!

Well after 11hrs since leaving our BnB it was time to call it a day!

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One Response to “Edinburgh – Day 1”

  1. mphug

    Do you mean you could easily imagine Jen zooming around on her Nimbus 2000 broomstick??!!
    …I think you have earnt a well deserved lay in and a piece of cake too small to spoil your girlish figures.
    Kick back and smell the Roses after all that adventure walking and power cycling. Heck even get the cycle magazine out and read the section on gear changes for dummies while your licking on that ice cream cone!!!
    See you back in the real world soon


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Follow Jenny and Stephen on their Travel Adventures!

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