Kirkby Stephens – Coast to Coast (Day 6)

Todays walk featured Fields, Meadows, Dales and Moors for the full 30km walk! This was in complete contrast to the Lakes, Valleys and Peaks from previous day’s as we now had officially left the lakes district behind.

Our room last night looked out over the distant mountains and we could even see Kirsty Pike in the far distance which put the previous day’s walk in perspective on how far we had walked.

Thankful we had no big climbs to conquer or difficult terrain to tackle we could concentrate on knocking off the Miles.

Whilst the meadows with cute Sheep and other livestock where a pleasant change, they can become monotonous after 30km of them. We still had to navigate on numerous occasions through mud and water which included the occasional mishap along the way.

Jenny made the bold statement that she is disposing of her boots at the end of this walk and has been heard to say that the smell coming from her boots at the end of the day could kill a brown dog!

Well we made it into Kirkby Stephens before 7:30pm after a late start at 10:00am as we had attempted to catch a cab to Orton to knock 10km from today’s walk. This backfired as the only local cab driver was on a big job! (This must be punishment for catching a Taxi on the Camino!)

Carol our B&B host welcomed us with her kindness a cup of tea and some scones in the back courtyard with the last rays of sun shining. Wow how much better did we feel as the last few kilometres are always the hardest.

We then headed into town for a pub dinner before hobbling back to our gorgeous comfortable room with a hot bath that Jenny is now sound asleep in.

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