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Shap – Coast to Coast (Day 5)

Can it get any tougher? We spent 11hrs slogging it out on the trail. It took us 4hrs just to walk 7km to the highest peak on the walk! So today’s challenge was less about what the weather threw at us (thank goodness) and more about the challenging terrain. Over 26km, there wasn’t more than 200m of flat, smooth or dry track. It was either rocky, muddy, under water, slippery, or simply straight up or straight down! Or all of the above!!!

So the fatigue won out today as we trudged along. Whilst the climb was spectacular with views in all directions, there were long sections of track as it skirted around a large reservoir for many km that became monotonous. It wasn’t until the last 7km when the sun was shining and we where back in rural territory with lush green paddocks and very pretty streams with stone bridges, but by this time we were spent. And then to top it all off, our accommodation was down the far end of the Main Street, which was 1.5km long!

But being Jenny’s Birthday, at least I kept her well entertained and occupied for the entire day and finished off with a lovely English meal!

I’m in fear for my life to tell her that tomorrow is 30km!

(No photos, still no decent internet)

6 Responses to “Shap – Coast to Coast (Day 5)”

  1. Cathy Hoy

    Memorable Birthday Jenny! Hope you had a hot chocolate, or something stiffer, to go with your dinner. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Xx

  2. Karin and Adrian

    Happy birthday Jenny. I was thinking that like your former walks, Karin and I will follow in your footsteps at some stage in the future but have to admit you are not convincing me on this one!!!! I’m sure it will all be worth it in the long run and you will look back on the ‘hard yards’ with fondness and a sense of achievement.

  3. heavenhappens

    Ah SHAP! Scene of many disastrous and nerar fatal trips in my dad’s old banger of a car when I was a child. In winter Shap is deadly to drive up (or down) with ice and snow. Sometimes we would get almost to the top and slide all the way down backwards with no control at all!

  4. Sue

    Happy birthday to you , happy birthday to you
    Lots of love
    Sue & jeff


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