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Camino – Belorado (Day 13)

Date: Sun 19th May
Distance: 23 km
Temperature: Very Cold/wet
Mood: Good
Left: Santa Domingo 8:15am
Arrived: Belerado 1:30pm
Santiago de Compostela: 551 km

Awoke refreshed, checked out, found a local bar for a quick bite and hit the road at a leisurely 8:15am.

Each day the temperature seems to be getting colder and higher odds for rain. We wear our wet weather gear for both extra warmth and in preparation for any rain.

Today again wasn’t the best day for photographing the local scenery due to a light drizzle, however we could have been walking through Gippsland with the green rural rolling hills. We were treated with 4 lovely small villages to break up the day. We had aimed at stopping for a coffee or hot chocolate at the first village, but so had everyone else. Whilst the local bar was making a roaring trade, we weren’t keen on waiting to be served so on we marched to the next village. Here we were able to get a seat at the bar and order hot chocolates only to hear familiar Aussie voices from a nearby table. To our surprise we found a couple of our Aussie friends (first met back in Orrison) just leaving.

After our hot chocolate pick me up, we headed off and were keen to get to Belorado so we could find some reasonable accommodation as we knew there were already a lot on the road with limited accommodation available.

With the village just in our sights, the heavens opened and gave us a good drenching as we scuttled towards our final destination. We enquired at a decent looking hotel only to be told they were fully booked, so we took our chances with a private Albergue around the corner that offered private rooms. We were greeted by a local with unfortunate teeth and no English and after a little hand gesturing he was keen to show us his private rooms. Thankfully they got the tick of approval and although it was a shared bathroom, it wasn’t too shabby, especially as we were paying 30€ for the night!

Not much to see around town so headed for one of the rare bars that are open during siesta and ordered some more hot chocolates. So much for loosing any rolls! Now just have to choose we’re to eat tonight!20130519-184959.jpg20130519-184844.jpg20130519-184859.jpg20130519-184911.jpg20130519-184853.jpg20130519-184917.jpg20130519-184905.jpg20130519-184922.jpg20130519-184930.jpg20130519-184941.jpg
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5 Responses to “Camino – Belorado (Day 13)”

  1. Anne McTaggart

    Shame about the weather. I think it is all across this lattitude. We have returned to wearing winter clothes. Hope it improves quickly. Not sure where Spring is. Love to hear that you are enjoying your european hot chocolate. It certainly is good.

  2. Sue wakeling

    Hope it warms up soon. Glad you got a better room this time.
    Two weeks till we leave.
    See you soon !

    Sue x

  3. Judy Dellevergin

    looks like you have walked half way…WELL DONE SO FAR…. … and doesn’t matter about the cold, wet, miserable weather – – (thats what we have here). enjoy every second of your adventure. (although – I would be looking forward to the bike riding). keep sipping those hot chocolates

  4. P+T

    Enjoying reading the Camino blog whilst sipping our cafe con leche. Wondering how you dry out your shoes each evening? Perhaps tomorrow you can respond to the standard Travel By Design question: ” What was the highlight of your day?”
    Bon Chemin


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