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Camino – Santo Domingo (Day 12)

Date: Sat 18th May
Distance: 21km
Temperature: Very Cold
Mood: Good
Left: Nájera 7:30am
Arrived: Santa Domingo de la Calzada 1:15pm
Santiago de Compostela: 574km

We donned our wet weather gear and made a hasty departure at a surprisingly early hour (for us!) of 7:30am heading off up the path in a light drizzle but very cold conditions!

Not the most photographic of days due to the rain, but we took in the sights of the snow capped mountains that surrounded us along with the usual wheat fields on one side and vineyards on the other. The path was very muddy at times and we had to carefully pick our route – our boots got caked with red claggy mud.

A much needed breakfast in a bar at Azofra, 5 or so kms down the track was enjoyed followed by a hot chocolate in a bar at Cirueña a few kms later. Approaching this town we walked through a new estate with newly built apartments, however very few were inhabited not sure what the plan was and for whom this town was created.

A wickedly cold wind blew us into Santo Domingo De La Calzada by 1.30 and the first hotel we came to we entered – we were not taking any chances with our accommodation tonight! We secured one of the last remaining rooms and within minutes had the bath running (no photos due to the insensitive comments received last time!). Finally after posting the previous days blog we went off to explore the local sites, cathedral and bell tower, where we enjoyed 360 deg views of the town. After which we enjoy another pilgrims dinner (menu included below) and back to the hotel for what is hoped to be a wonderful, restful sleep.












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3 Responses to “Camino – Santo Domingo (Day 12)”

  1. Cathy Hoy

    Thanks for the heads up Steve – have been loving the blog but had missed all the inappropriate comments, had to go back & have a read / laugh! All looks amazing, what an experience, enjoy. Love The Hoys

  2. Sister Jen

    I feel like we are walking with you, thanks to your blog. Keep enjoying

  3. Dayna

    They certainly trim their vines back very hard. And no trellis for support. They kind of look like antlers sticking up out of the ground. Obviously it must work!


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