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Sorrento, Amalfi Italy (Cooking School)

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4 Responses to “Sorrento, Amalfi Italy (Cooking School)”

  1. obriensabroad

    Hi Steve, not sure whether you got my question previously. Did you manage to fly packing everything into carry on baggage? And did you get new Aarn packs?

  2. Stephen M

    I did! But mustn’t have saved the reply! Yes! Is the answer, we managed easily to get below 7kg including packs. I purchased a new Aarn pack as mine didn’t fit the carry on dimensions, mind you the size of packs we saw going onboard where twice the size!!! Jenny was able to stick with her original Aarn pack. After walking out the front door and for the first few days we kept worrying about if we had forgotten something important. So far so good! And the difference is staggering! Well actually the quite the opposite. We feel so light footed and with 6-7kg you can quite comfortably have the pack simply slung over a shoulder when embarking or disembarking modes of transportation. It is very liberating. Also once we made the decision to go carry on only, it wasn’t as hard as we thought to achieve it. In fact we left items home that would have still met our weight requirements. However, it did take careful planning each item and their intended use. If we hit colder weather, we may have to purchase something warmer, but so far so good!

  3. mphug

    You forgot to add the word ‘ stinky’ in the above response Stephano.
    Also I can’t see the “save the date” invitation to the Matheisteins to sample these new cooking skills – you will need to resend the invite link!!


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