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Locorotondo & Alberobello

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11 Responses to “Locorotondo & Alberobello”

  1. Marianne Cassin

    Amazing photography Stephen (as usual!) – interesting to see the double clocks on the churches – just like Malta. Beautiful photos!

  2. mphug

    Trulli wonderful!!
    I hope Jen is changing her undies more often than the outfits she is wearing….. I’m seeing a bit much of that denim skirt and pink top….. stinky!!
    Thanks goodness there is that veil over the bedsit in your Alberobella digs….. you wouldn’t won’t those shenanigans on display – tired ‘old people’ snoring their way through the afternoon!!

  3. Geoff andAlison Oldham

    We have just been viewing Stephen’s amazing photos of Locorotondo and Alberobello. Geoff thinks these are the most fascinating photos you have ever taken, The roof shape of the buildings in Alberobello are so interesting and unique and the street scapes are just beautiful. Alison wonders how you found out about these places.Your photography is brilliant Steve so please keep up this outstanding work !

    • Stephen M

      Glad you like the photo’s. Enjoy them while you can… there are lots more coming if I can get organized. Puglia is truly amazing!!!! Google is my trip
      Research friend!

  4. Indrani

    Amazing Steve – loving the photos and presentation, and of course your magical selection of places.


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Follow Jenny and Stephen on their Travel Adventures!

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