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Bodensee-Königssee Radweg (Day 5) – Bad Feilnbach

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6 Responses to “Bodensee-Königssee Radweg (Day 5) – Bad Feilnbach”

  1. mphug

    The only time you would have broken a sweat Stephano would be when you rode ahead to take photos of the others riding up to you!!
    False economy the cheaper bikes me thinks. Gravel grinders ( like Debs) or even your flat bar roadie would hw e been the right choice for your adventure (and e-bikes for the girls)
    Shame you missed the cog railway. Even at a modest 12.5 kph should have had you in early afternoon? The rest stops must have been pretty lengthy?
    The video doesn’t fire up ( though I am on hotel wifi which may be an issue. Will try again latter )
    Do we get a prize if we guess the “apple bandit”?

  2. Arn boers

    Hi guys great photos,tried to play video and got thisYou are violating U tubes policy terms,

  3. Jen and Dave

    Lovin the adventure team! As always, enjoying every photo and now videos as well Steve. Have lots of fun

  4. mphug

    Got the video now – we’ll done Stephano ….. proper music too!!….. all we need now is popcorn!!
    How is the navigation going – you haven’t mentioned any issues – so assume swimmingly?!!
    Presume you are you using ‘on line ‘ mapping?


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Follow Jenny and Stephen on their Travel Adventures!

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