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Hiking the Austrian Alps (Day 3) – Zugspitz Arena Circuit

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7 Responses to “Hiking the Austrian Alps (Day 3) – Zugspitz Arena Circuit”

  1. obriensabroad

    More amazing photos! Jen, hope your German is coming in helpful, all those classes working hard, they had a purpose. Now I am a little bemused by the sudden enjoyment of beer, altitude must do funny things to your taste buds.

    • Stephen M

      Carolyn – there have been many occasions when I wished you had been here with me. The German they speak here is nothing like what we were practising at Creswick – the Schwartz Katz is not really that helpful but I have seen quite the a lot of hunds. Steve is very impressed with what words I can decipher! 😂

    • Stephen M

      Obviously that was Jenny responding… I will note however, that Jenny has been talking a lot of gibberish lately and passing it off to me as German. But strangely when it comes to conversing with the locals she goes very quiet and lets me look like a fool doing all the universal gesturing!

      • Stephen M

        I’m also excellent with the days of the week…..I told the gondola lady I needed a ticket for Dienstag & coming back on Donnerstag – she understood perfectly!! Jen 👍

  2. Mark Hughes

    I see they had a nice Tonka Tractor to occupy you whilst at the Alm in the afternoon Steve….. clearly catering for all levels of tourista!!
    Those cows look a bit worried Steve…. I reckon they are thinking you are close enough to kiss them!!
    Note to file – in addition to language tuition, a lesson required in pouring a beer so the head is not bigger than the liquid content is required!!!
    I don’t think we needed to know about the little Skip Bo games you two were playing before you go to bed….we all know what that is code for!!… snoring before you head hits the pillow because you two were so stuffed!!

    • Stephen M

      You know me all too well Marcus! Just arrived in Innsbruck for 24hrs, any tips? Already done the down hill MTB today, so don’t bother suggesting that!


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