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Santorini, Greece (Hiking to Oia)

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8 Responses to “Santorini, Greece (Hiking to Oia)”

  1. Marianne Cassin

    Great photos of Santorini Stephen! I felt as though I was back there … isn’t the food fabulous?! One day we will return …. enjoy the rest of your stay and look forward to your next set of photos – you seriously could be a photographer for National Geographic. Bon voyages, Marianne 🙂

  2. JenniPickles

    Wow, just wow! Definitely going to look into this as a possible vacay destination.

  3. mphug

    I’m sure it would bring back memories for me too…. except I haven’t been!!!!
    Not bad Stephano – lots of clouds in the sky spoiling the shots a bit …. couldn’t you photoshop them out!!?
    The Sunday ride is looking a bit tricky if we all move over there!! …I think the local bike shop probably doesn’t do very well!!!
    Some pesky tourist woman has managed to frame herself in your church shot and spoil the purity of the colour schemes otherwise present… you will have to photoshop her out whilst you are removing the clouds!!!
    Also you haven’t told us whats in these magnificent breakfasts you two little fatties are raving about??

    • Stephen M

      I have to throw in the ODD photo of Wonder Woman, as proof of life… otherwise you might accuse me of not being here and posting Getty Images! You have suggested that in a previous trip! If you want to know what we eat for breakfast, then ask Michael and Cathy! Oh that’s right, they’re cruising around some other exotic location… Marcus, why are you the only one sitting at home? Might be time to pull a wad of that cash from under your mattress!


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Follow Jenny and Stephen on their Travel Adventures!

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