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Reeth – Coast to Coast (Day 8)

It rained a little during the night, then the wind came and just before we woke up, it rained again! But there was no problem of a wet tent as the wind assisted us there!

Breakfast was a delicious hot bacon and egg roll with brewed coffee served in the shed which hit the spot as it was bitterly cold.

Again the weather was threatening, so full wet weather gear. This lightens the load and also keeps you warm. We chose the Swaledale riverside alternative route due to windy wild weather and knowing it is also a picturesque walk. We weren’t disappointed as the wind picked up during the day and by early afternoon was a full gale force westerly wind. All we needed was a kite and skates and we would’ve made record time.

Along the route we passed through a small hamlet called Gunnerside and spotted a nice cosy tearoom which we had no hesitation in stopping in for a hot coffee to keep us going, but after eyeing the selection of home made cakes we ended up with 2 slices to share as we couldn’t choose!

The last few miles were a challenge in the strong gale force winds and after bumping into a couple also walking the c2c it was confirmed we had made the right decision as the main route which takes the higher ground wasn’t much fun in the wind.


As we were arriving into town we made the decision to look for a B&B for the evening instead of another night in the tent as we weren’t convinced sleeping in such strong winds would make for a peaceful sleep, never mind whether our tent would still be standing upon our return from dinner! Lucky for us we found a room at the 2nd B&B we popped into and settled in very quickly!

A dinner out at the local pub put us in good cheer and ready for another great day on the c2c.

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  1. Jenny

    Hi Jenny and Steve. Enjoying very much your adventures day to day. Keep up the great effort! You are doing an amazing job considering the terrain and weather. Keep going!


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