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Tuscany – Day 4

Date: Thu 20th June
Temperature: Hot
Mood: Relaxed
Highlight: Authentic Italian Cooking Class

Today we had arranged an authentic Italian cooking class at the villa’s Restaurant. The class commenced around 11am and finished over a 4 course meal prepared during our session.

There was a lot of fun and participation during the session and we got to appreciate first hand traditional Italian cooking. It does help if you have industrial cooking equipment! We finished off enjoying our spoils dining outside with more than enough food and wine and of course, good company.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent relaxing by the pool! We might add that much frivolity was enjoyed under the Tuscan sun!

No dinner tonight! But Gelato withdrawal symptoms beckoned us to a nearby village of Carmignano to seek out a local Gelato shop. Arriving at 8:00pm we discovered the shop closed, we suspected that it was due to open later so we strolled around the village and enjoyed the sunset from the hilltop. True to Italian form, the village sprung to life with the shops opening up at 9:00pm and all the local village people out and about enjoying the summer evening and a yummy Gelato. Delicious!








Cooking under the Tuscan Sun……….. Moon?



More Photo’s

8 Responses to “Tuscany – Day 4”

  1. Jen n Dave

    Please please please bring me home the hunk in the black shirt and jeans! I’ll leave the bum jokes to Mark………Have lots of fun!

  2. Kirralee & Amy

    Cannot believe you posted that.

    What more can we say…

  3. Mark Hughes

    Ooh Gawd!! I hope Jethro and Stephano can cook better than they can ride a bike!!
    Did anyone get food poisoning after eating their own cooking??!!
    Re the rudy shots…. thats Jethro in the middle, Stephano on the right and Paolo on the left. I know this from having the unfortunate experience of riding behind them in lycra….fortunately not for very long!!!
    Also you can tell by the angle of the dangle – in their apron strings!! However you look at it, it is a scarring experience for all viewers of the blog and will require more than a gelato to obviate the visual trauma!! [Clearly the gelato’s are taking their toll too!!]
    nb….. Stephano I think I luv you!!

    • jvmathieson

      The rudy shot was inspired by none other than your dear self, just to solicit your wonderful tactful comment. And we weren’t disappoint!!!

  4. Cathy Hoy

    Can see Jen’s heart thumping in the photo with hunk in black – leave him alone, too young!
    And as for the moon photo – that’s just not right! Stop drinking the wine, having a terrible influence – your poor kids will be damaged for life, let alone old friends!

  5. P+T

    30 years later the ‘man from the river house’ makes another appearance……


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