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Cinque Terre – Day 2

Date: Sat 15th June
Temperature: Warm/Hot
Mood: Upbeat
Highlight: Hiking Again!

Just when we thought we had hung up the boots, we couldn’t resist the temptation to walk the Cinque Terre famous for its steep walking tracks linking all 5 towns. Well we both agreed that the Cinque Terre’s walking trails were probably tougher than you would get on any one day on the Camino! We initially were going to walk the lower No 2 trail (still steep in its own right). But due to the No 2 trail being closed on one or two sections, we had to divert to the upper trails. We estimated we had walked at least 20km and the trails were both punishing on steepness as well as terrain.

Whilst true to form, we left late in the morning, but we didn’t get back until 8pm! We visited and explored each of the 5 towns and then caught the train back to Monterosso. Each of the Cinque Terre towns are spectacular and unique. We loved every minute of it, other than about 45min of very tough climbing in very hot conditions. The only thing that kept us going was the thought of Gelato at the next town. (2 large scoops for €1.70!).

Oh, and how do you top of a spectacular sight seeing day? Well why not another Gelato!20130616-002837.jpg












More Photo’s

Cinque Terre – Day 1 (Back)    Cinque Terra – Day3 (Next)

Cinque Terre 2011 Floods!

6 Responses to “Cinque Terre – Day 2”

  1. Dozer

    Hi Jen and Steve,
    What a wonderful area the Cinque Terre is. Glad to hear that after your pilgrimage you had the appetite for yet another challenging walk through the five towns. We stayed in Vernazza and absolutely loved our time there. Keep the stunning photos coming, they are inspirational through a cold and wet Melbourne Winter!
    Must be about time for you to go get another Gelato… 🙂

  2. Mark Hughes

    Nice bunch of pics. Mountain Goat award for you both after doing the high trails!!
    I notice Steve is looking a little bit ‘cuddly’ in the middle!!! …. The gelatos must be taking their toll. I think he might have to walk the five towns again to get his old girlish figure back!!

  3. Helen

    Nice to walk without the backpacks? Spectacular scenery, enjoy the summer weather!


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