Barcelona – Day 3

Date: Wed 12th June
Temperature: Warm
Mood: Cheerful and relaxed
Highlight: Catching up with Anne & Daniel

We had a little over half a day to kill in Barcelona before flying out to Italy. As we had caught the Gaudi bug it was an easy decision to spend this time at Parc Güell, an open space park designed by Gaudi.

We were able to walk from our accommodation to the park and have enough time to enjoy Gaudi’s handy work once more with the added bonus of spectacular views across Barcelona and out across the bay. The more we see of Gaudi’s work, the more we are able to appreciate his unique style and approach to design.

It was time to say goodbye to Barcelona and to Spain after spending nearly 6 weeks in Spain! We arrived at the airport to find that something wasn’t quite right. As it turns out, France were experiencing some sort of industrial action that meant no flights in or across France’s airspace. Whilst most flights were either cancelled or severely disrupted, our flight appeared to still be on schedule. That was until after we boarded the plane! We were politely informed that we had missed the allocated departure time and that the flight path would now be twice as long to avoid Frances airspace. We considered ourselves lucky to get a flight out even if we arrived a couple of hours later.

The day was topped off by catching up with Anne and Daniel, friends from our Pambula camping days who have been living in Italy for the past 4.5 years. We finally enjoyed some great home cooking prepared by both Anne and Daniel together with some of the region”s local wine. Wonderful company and a delicious dinner shared with Australian friends in the most beautiful Italian country side – only 10 minutes drive out is the city. Did we mention that their view is to die for? We are also expecting to be treated to true Italian Gelato just to fill out and perhaps create more bulges that are appearing on our middle aged bodies!

And so our Italy adventure begins!











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