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Camino – Astorga (Day 21)

Date: Mon 27th May
Distance: 0 km (Rest Day)
Temperature: Warm
Mood: Relaxed
Santiago de Composela: 264km
Highlight: Sleep in

Just a quick post as it is a rest day! Literally! We are being very spoilt and have a great room with a view over the Plaza! With the bed so comfy, we had a relaxed sleep in before thinking of heading off to see the Cathedral as everything else was closed on Monday! Well we missed the Cathedral. Turns out it is only open between 9-10:30. Looks like a late start tomorrow so we can visit on our way out!

Astorga looks to be a town with lots of hidden treasures and we feel that we will probably miss most of them. We really like the feel to this town and without knowing much about it, it seems to be known for its Chocolates, as every second shop sells Astorga Chocolates. Unfortunately they would weigh too much for us to consider purchasing a supply.

We did a circuit of most of the original township before turning to logistics for the following week. We even managed to book the following 2 nights accommodation over the phone speaking only in Spanish. Not sure how we did it cos we sure cannot speak it! So we will find out in due course if we succeeded or not!

The donkeys have been faithful and served their purpose, but with the mountains ahead of us over the next few days they would have been a major hindrance, especially the one that didn’t like hills!

Now these mountains are at a much higher altitude that what we climbed in the Pyrenees and temperatures in the early morning are sub-zero! So we are bracing ourselves for the next challenge.

Stay tuned.





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5 Responses to “Camino – Astorga (Day 21)”

  1. Jen n Dave

    Great that you both have had a chance to rest and recharge the batteries ( yours that is, not the camera’s Steve!) Loving hearing your stories and seeing the sights of Spain. Can do without the smells. We wish you strong legs for the mountains!

  2. Anne McTaggart

    Remember to save yourselves for Italy as there are plenty of cathedrals here to visit. That is, in case you don’t think you’ve seen enough of them in Spain!!!! I hope the hills are kind to you.

  3. Mark Hughes

    Now thats what I call a Church!! I see Jenny has her finger stuck in that guys tassle though. I hope you dont have to cut it off!!


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