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Camino – Sahagún (Day 18)

Date: Fri 24th May
Distance: 60 km
Temperature: Morning Cold/Afternoon Warm
Mood: Excellent
Left: Frómista 8:45am
Arrived: Sahagún 3:15 pm
Santiago de Composela: 375 km
Highlight: Glorious weather

We awoke with a perfect blue sky (a rarity to date). Temperature was under 8 deg as we headed off. Today we were spoilt with flat roads. Most of the ride was spent on the quiet back roads running parallel with the Camino trail. This meant that there was far less effort in the ride and we could give the Pilgrims a break from being harassed by pesky cyclists!

We are now in true Meseta country with very little in the way of hills. The villages aren’t as picturesque as the Medieval villages that we had passed through yesterday, but always a welcome stop for a Cafe con leche or a hot chocolate. Now we need to set the record straight when it comes to hot chocolates on the Camino. The hot chocolates served are not “real” hot chocolates, but rather we are served hot milk with a sachet of chocolate powder on the side, such as Nestle chocolate quick! We have to empty contents into hot milk and stir! Still, we enjoy the warmth and a change from coffee.

Coffee? When it comes to coffee in Spain it is fairly consistent and we haven’t really had a problem with it compared to Paris (consistency) and its hard to complain when you are paying on average 1.2€ per cup. But is still sub-par to Coffee in Melbourne (Australia).

We have enjoyed the accommodation in the last 2 towns and and happy to recommend to anyone planning to stop in these towns and like hotel style over the rugged Albergue type (each to there own).

Last night we stayed in the San Martin Hotel right opposite the Romanesque Church of same name in Frómista. They also server the evening meal and breakfast all very reasonably priced.

Tonight we are staying at Hostal Alfonso VI in Sahagún. This is a very neat little place right on the Camino route in town and you cannot go past a more hospitable pair for hosts. A real treat! Breakfast is the only meal offered, but then the town has numerous restaurants/Cafes on hand!

Whilst the bums and hands are now feeling the strain (or should that be pain?), we are hoping for another easy ride again tomorrow as we head into another large town on the Camino – Léon.








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One Response to “Camino – Sahagún (Day 18)”

  1. P+T

    We’re guessing you’re at the halfway point on the Camino?
    I’m sure you’re happy to have the green jackets away, and it makes us think that you’ve packed multiple wardrobe changes! Hopefully some more good weather on the way – forecast suggests next weekend will be amazing.
    Bon Chemin


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