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Camino – Burgos (Day 16)

Date: Wed 22nd May
Distance: 0km
Temperature: Cold but Sunny
Mood: Great, itching to get back on the Camino
Santiago de Compostela: 501km
Highlight: Meeting an elderly Spanish gentleman/Monastery of Las Huelgas

Our official day off! We had an itinerary planned for the day but only had a 50% success rate due to the Spanish siesta! Everything is closed during the afternoon with the hours varying anywhere from 1:00pm until around 5:00pm. This plays complete havoc on trying to get around to see stuff and then when you do get there before closing, they have decided to close earlier! Very frustrating!

We were blessed with the sun shinning most of the day, but still cold! We took the bikes out on an excursion to test drive them. All working well, just need better engines! The riding over the next few days will definitely be a good thing for the feet and give the blisters a chance to heal ready for some more abuse for the final couple of hundred kilometres.

We also needed to attend to some logistics as we need to ship our backpacks along the way along with items not needed whilst we are riding. We have also taken a chance on not carrying our sleeping bags based on using Hotel type accommodation, but we still need to secure accommodation in a number of towns! We will need to cross our fingers in getting our kit at the other end in time as we will be there on the weekend, which means no deliveries on those days. Hoping it gets there before we head off on the final walking stage, as we an’t going anywhere without it!

We are still pigging out on all the delights that Burgos has to offer (and there are plenty!), so need to start burning some of this back off!

Our day included a visit of Cassa del Cordón (now a bank). A bit of shopping (needed more memory cards for camera, can you believe that!). Back to the Cathedral for some more photos with a blue sky! The Royal Monastery of Las Huelgas. Strictly no photos allowed and we had to join a tour group spoken entirely in Spanish! But a worth while visit. And finally, The Monastery of Miraflores. Unfortunately it had closed early, but a nice bike ride and were blessed by meeting a very educated senior local who spoke very good English and kept us entertained.

Now just need a decent dinner and good night sleep all in preparation for a 65km bike ride tomorrow following the Camino trail! Hope to catch up with some familiar faces along the way.






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6 Responses to “Camino – Burgos (Day 16)”

  1. judy

    everything fabulous, but the siesta – closing down time – ridiculous. I wouldn’t cope.

  2. Sue wakeling

    You two better stop eating those cakes and get on those bikes ! Looks yummy !


  3. Anne McTaggart

    Sorry guys but I have to laugh about your siesta issues. Welcome to Central Europe!!!!! Now you know what I have to deal with all the time!! Glad to see you’re enjoying all the delights on the food front. Enjoy the riding.

  4. Alison & Geoff

    You two look very content on your pilgrimage, with the occasional comfortable bed and those beautiful looking cream cakes and coffee to sustain you.Wish we could join you. Burgos looks like a City which will be hard to leave. Have a safe few days on your bikes.

  5. Sister Jen

    I can see your predicament with the afternoon siestas, however I do like their concept. Every day I jump on line before I start my book work to read your blog and envy your photos. Thank you for taking the time to keep us all so close to you as you leave your footprints on the Camino trail. Aboard your wheels, you’ll now be able to knock out some serious km’s, just don’t crash while taking photos! Chow

  6. Indrani and Graeme

    Great job Stephen and Jenny just caught up with your trip and it certainly is amazing! Enjoy the riding. Hopefully post a three day rest and using other muscles should go very well.


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