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Camino – Logroño (Day 10)

Date: Thu 16th May
Distance: 30km
Temperature: Crisp!
Mood: Good
Left: Los Arcos 8:15am
Arrived: Logroño 3:15pm
Santiago de Compostela: 625km

A big day ahead, so needed to get an early start. Enjoyed a light breakfast in the local bar before heading off in a very crisp morning, but clear blue skies defying the weather forecast once more! Sansol was the first small village we passed through. Still feeling strong we pushed on expecting more small villages along the way we could take a break at, but this wasn’t to be as the next village was 20km into our 30km journey!

We finally made it to Viana, a beautiful old town that many pilgrims pulled up stumps and made it their resting place. With energy levels fully depleted, we found a bustling local bar and ordered Cafe con leche’s and a couple of bacon rolls. Next was a visit of the local Church Viana Iglesia Santa María. We just made it in before being asked to leave as they were locking the place up for their Siesta!

Before the last of the shops closed, we managed to purchase some supplies to make a picnic lunch all for 3€!

Now that we had refuelled, we headed off for Logroño. We were now leaving the region of Navarre and entering a smaller Spanish region called Rioja, known for its wine. Before entering the city, we had our credentials (pilgrims passports) stamped by a lady who’s family has been welcoming pilgrims every day into Logroño for many many years. (2 generations)

Checked into our kind or Albergue! This one came equipped with a bath! After a long soak, we took to the town and visited most of the Churches, including one that has a Michelangelo painting!

Enjoyed the pilgrims menu at a local cafe and headed off for an early night as we have another 30km day ahead!!! Ouch!


















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6 Responses to “Camino – Logroño (Day 10)”

  1. P+T

    Stephen, you must loving over there, 3 Euros for lunch for 2 pax, definitely in your alley.
    Do not leave Roija without trying there tempranillo, one of the best red wine from Spain.

  2. Mark Hughes

    Steve.. I think I luv you (bath shot)!!!… Is that a turtle head I can see floating in there??!! … Thank goodness there are lots of bubbles…. could look very yucky otherwise!!!
    Nice boot shot… looks like they are still holding together despite the big k’s…. hope the owners are too!!!


  3. Sue wakeling

    You must have really enjoyed the soaking in the bath after that long day of walking. !

    Sue x

  4. Helen

    Loving your blog and photos… Comment re. technical stuff, definitely do text first then photos if it’s quicker. I’d be interested in hearing more about the actual walking. What do you talk about along the way? Any arguments so far? Did you take the fisiocrem along for your aching muscles? Keep up the good work…

    • jvmathieson

      Well, the actual walking isn’t really that technical. Basically you put one foot down after the other. If you continue doing this long enough, you can surprise yourself and find yourself in a different village. But the most important tip is to look around and not down at your boots and enjoy the amazing scenery.

      The muscles do get very tight and sore at the end of the day, but usually bounce back the following day. Obviously there is residual stiffness, but you just need to walk this out. We use Elmore oil that works well on sore muscles.

      Jenny has had to deal with a blister on one toe, which developed into 3! We cut the skin off last night so as to air it and will tape it today before walking. But she is made of tough stuff and doesn’t complain.

      Our arguments if any only last 10 sec. We are in this together!

      We either talk about the scenery, what village is coming up, when is it safe to do a pee, what points of interests have we just missed. Not once have we tried to solve the problems of the world, but we can also enjoy and are comfortable walking together in silence.


  5. Suddzy

    Excellent pics so far Steve, I think the picture of you in the bubble bath is taking it way too far. I was having lunch at the time! Please slap him for me Jenny, hard one!


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