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Camino Packing Kit

We are now in the final stages of preparation for the Camino and have 99% completed our packing kit for the Camino. Whilst there is a lot of information available to assist one in ensuring that the absolute minimum is packed and that everything has a purpose, if not, multiple purposes, we have followed the more liberal approach, whilst still keeping below the magical 10kg upper limit. ImageFor those interested in the finer detail feel free to read more

1. AARN Body Pack – Peak Aspiration 45Lt – (1600g)

2. AARN Balance Pockets (worn on front and attached to hip belt) – (500g)

3. Sea to Summit Micro II sleeping bag – (625g)

4. MacPack Duck Down Vest – Luxury item! But Europe experiencing a cold start to spring – (460g)

5. Pacer Poles 2 x Carbon Fibre Walking poles – (550g)

6. Osprey Travel Bag – For transporting our backpacks, but won’t see the Camino – (200g)

7. First Aid Kit – Assortment of potions – (450g)

8. 3 x MacPack Merino Underwear – (135g)

9. 3 x Icebreaker/MacPack Merino Hiking Socks – (190g)

10. Montane long pants – (295g)

11. Water Proof Pants – (195g)

12. 3 x Icebreaker T-Shirts – (460g)

13. NorthFace Polar Fleece Top – (300g)

14. Platypus water bladder 2Lt – (165g)

15. Montane Marathon Spray/wind jacket – (154g)

16. Speedo towel – (115g)

17. Bits and Bobs

18. Icebreaker Merino Long-Johns and Long Sleeve Top – (450g)

19. Toilet Bag – (300g)

20. Luna Sandals for Showers/General Wear – (212g)

21. Sea to Summit Compartment Bag – (60g)

22. Merrill Barefoot Shoes – Luxury! – (390g)

23. Montane waterproof Cap – (55g)

24. Icebreaker Merino Cap – (25g)

25. Scarpa Hiking Boots – (1250g)

26. John Brirely Guide Book (will scan and store on iPad mini)

27. Kathmandu NGX3 Waterproof Jacket – (433g)

Other items not shown

a) Apple iPad Mini – (315g)

b) Sony RX100 Digital Camera – (300g)

c) Apple iPhone5 – (127g)

d) Charges/Memory Cards/Cables/Headphones – (300g)

Bits and Bobs

a) 1 x Collapsible Cup

b) 1 x Collapsible Bowl/Plate

c) 2 x Sporks

d) 1 x Head Torch

e) Universal Sink Plug

f) Sleeping bag liner

g) Light weight Trowl

h) Whistle

i) Portable Clothesline

j) Day Pack – (110g)

k) Travel Documents, CC and Money

2 Responses to “Camino Packing Kit”

  1. Julie

    We are walking the Camino in less than 3 months and I was very interested in seeing your packing list. Is there anything you found you didn’t need, or needed that you didn’t have?

    • jvmathieson

      How exciting. One of the most fun parts is shopping/acquiring your equipment.

      This is a difficult question as it depends on a number of factors that includes weather and type of accommodation.

      The short answer is we used everything at least once except for the small shovel! We experienced rain hail sun and light snow!

      If you don’t intend staying in Albergue’s, then you could possibly leave out sleeping bags. But then they could also be insurance if you have no other options! We also had sleeping bag liners that we didn’t end up using.

      We carried more weight than most that we came across. Most were around 6-8kg (I assume this is without water). We carried 8kg and 10kg without water. But had good packs so only minor shoulder soreness.

      We also had 3 pairs of most items. You could get away with 2 pairs. All in all, we were happy with what we carried and acknowledged we had some luxury items hence some extra weight.

      Our universal sink plug was invaluable.

      We did ship minor stuff ahead to major towns such as travel bags and items not needed on Camino. We booked ahead hotels in the major towns so we had an address to send to and then with assistance from hotel staff shipped on to next major town (2 weeks ahead generally).

      There are now lots of services available and there are a number of pilgrims that have their pack sent ahead every day for a reasonable cost. Each to there own, but whilst we carried all our stuff, we enjoyed our own private room! Anything goes and it is your Camino!

      Let us know how you go!


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