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Paris on Steroids (Day 3)

Day 3! A lazy start with our staple Coffee and Croissants for breakfast. Don’t think we could ever get sick of them, especially at 1.50 Euro’s! No queue at Louvre at 9:30am on a Saturday morning. These Parisiens are slow starters! We sampled some of what the Louvre has to offer. First off was a history lesson on the Louvre, followed by viewing Napoleon III Apartments, then a not to be missed Mona Lisa.




We then enjoyed lunch in a traditional working class restaurant called Brassier Chartier. Thierry would be proud of our waitress. She refused to take our order for food that wasn’t traditional French! So French food it was!



After lunch we headed off to Opera Garnier and picked up an English speaking tour (It’s the only way to do it).

We took in plenty more Paris landmarks before literally staggering back to the Hotel with a takeaway Coffee and Gelato from a nearby store. We arrived back after 9:00pm! No thanks to me getting us lost and using maps on my mobile phone that pointed the wrong way! (We really must be upside down back home). Cost us an extra 5km and a grumpy wife!

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Versailles – What were they thinking? (Day 2)

Chateau De Versailles… No pictures or words can describe it. You simply need to experience this place for yourself! I got frustrated taking photos as they just couldn’t capture it’s magnitude and beauty! The Chateau and it’s history are so overwhelming that one cannot take it all in with even a full days visit. You’ve got to admire the French!

Our day started out early (up at 6:00am), but still managed a close call in not making it to our 9:30am English tour of the Private Apartments and the Royal Opera. A long story, but a happy ending as we soon discovered it was a tour not to be missed! After the 2Hr tour we got a chance to eat our breakfast we had purchased earlier (Plain and Chocolate & Almond Croissants). This was now lunch (Delicious!). After enjoying the Gardens… Gardens? Do you call that a garden? We hired bikes for the afternoon so we could cover more ground, including a visit of Marie-Antoinette’s private Chateau. Smaller? Yes, but still expressive in its own right! With it’s own beautiful gardens!

We caught the 5:00pm train back. This included catching 3 different trains. RER C, RER B and Metro L1. This sounds complicated, but we do have a good personal travel consultant back home giving us all the good oil which has paid off, not to mention the excellent signage that they have here!

Now I’ve got to wake Jenny up so we can go out for dinner. Restaurant booked for 8:30! Oh no! It’s an 8 o’clock booking!





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Hello Paris (Day 1)

We are finally here! flight over was very very long and tedious, but is quickly forgotten as we take in the sights of Paris. probably walked 10km on first day just sight seeing! finished up at a nice little Bistro for dinner and crashed back at Hotel around midnight! (More to come later if we we find some time)









Finally the big day arrived

Over nine months of preparation, lots of research, lots of planning, lots of training and lots of shopping, we finally arrive at the big day when our adventure begins? Or did it really begin nine months ago when we both caught hold of the dream in both hands to bring it to reality? Well it has definitely been a fun journey to this point.
Whilst the realisation of nine months of dreaming are now becoming a reality and excitement and anticipation has been building, the day of departure becomes an emotional drain. What with the heart strings pulled to breaking point due to the separation of loved ones (yes we really do love you all very dearly). Whilst we always knew this was going to happen, it always hurts when the time comes.



Paris Booked

Our trip starts with 5 nights in Paris! After consultation with brother Phillip we have now booked our accommodation in Paris. There is definitely no turning back now that we have paid the accommodation in full and is non-refundable! But looking forward to it more than ever!

Hostellerie du Marais

Hostellerie du Marais - Standard Room

Hostellerie du Marais – Standard Room

Hostellerie du Marais - Bathroom

Hostellerie du Marais – Bathroom


Hostellerie du Marais – View

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