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Camino – Conquering the Pyrenees (Day 3)

Date: Thu 9th May

An early start, but not by choice! The keen and seasoned gentleman (this is his 3rd Camino) turned the lights on to our dorm around 6:30am. We were greeted by a spectacular sunrise on the side of the mountain.

Breakfast was at 7 and by 8, we were the only remaining pilgrims left at Orisson. Nobody told us it was a race! Knowing we had pre booked a Hotel for the evening gave us piece of mind that we would get a bed for the evening.

Whilst it was a decent climb, we paced ourselves and were pleasantly surprised to arrive at the summit of our walk before lunch.

We chose to take the more dangerous decent into Ronchesvalles as we were told this was the most picturesque. (We weren’t disappointed)

As you will see by the number of photo’s, the scenery was magnificent!

Temperature wise, it was comfortable and fresh, but the rain set in about an hour out from arrival, ensuring we were completely soaked when we arrived at Ronchesvalles at around 1:30pm.

Accommodation is wonderful and we shared in the Pilgrims meal before attending mass for the Pilgrims blessing.

And more Photo’s

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